I couldn’t find a picture relating to this page. So here’s Manuel grappling with gravity


Arsenal Column: Does what it says on the menu, with a side order of tactics

Arsenal Report: Another site focussing on the tactical side of the Arsenal

Backwards Gooner: Don’t worry, he doesn’t write his articles backwards like the name suggests – sometimes tactics, sometimes video, always excellent

hazzablog21: Excellent analysis of the Arse

Roaming Libero: Sublime up-and-coming writer

Stuff what I likes

Futbol Intellect: Intelligent, interesting and immaculate – a must-bookmark, to coin a potentially new term

Hot Footy News: Brilliant football posters, mainly

In Bed With Maradona: Simply superb, no more words needed

Lovely Left Foot: I’m left footed. True story. Be sure to check out this blog, even if you’re a righty like Wrighty

Man Utd 24: It’s United, but we’ll let him off for his site’s excellence

Touchline Views: Blog, football, really good

Twisted Blood: A personal favourite of mine; absolutely brilliant


@agibneyftbl: The go-to guy for French football, although he knows football in general like the back of his, erm, hand

@ArsenalColumn: Owner of the above Arsenal Column. Obviously

@BeltransMole23: The Gandalf of Arsenal tactics, minus the white beard (probably) – and prefers saying “You shall pass” as opposed to Gandalf’s opposite catchphrase

@malbennett29: Liverpool fan, football fan, all round good bloke

@randomanomaly: Another tactically-inclined favourite of mine

@roaminglibero: One I converse with more than most – Arsenal, and purveyor of Roaming Libero, obviously

@SFurnivall: Contributor of a couple of guest posts on CoA, Simon runs the superb Lovely Left Foot (and supports Liverpool)


Say something nice or amusing. Please refrain from making Manuel cry

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