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Like Manuel, I offer my services to anyone who will take me

As an aspiring football journalist, I write for a lot of other football websites as well as my own. Here are links to where my regular columns and guest posts can be found.

Regular columns

Sabotage Times

Guest pieces

Chelsea Headache
Les Rosbifs
Polly’s Pause For Sport
The Football Project
The Gooner
The Makelele Role
Twisted Blood
Two Footed Tackle
You Are My Arsenal
Global Football Today
Natter Football
The Elastico
Real Social Dad
Savage Gooner
Life’s a Pitch
Four Added On

Appearances in the ‘media’

I was invited to co-host Sabotage Times’ new show Handbags+ on Google Plus alongside James Brown, a well-known journalist who was founding editor of the magazine Loaded, among other achievements. I’ve gone on to appear regularly in the live broadcasts a guest.

Liverpool vs Everton (FA Cup semi-final) post-match discussion
England vs France (EURO 2012 group match) pre-match discussion
England vs Sweden (EURO 2012 group match) post-match discussion
England vs Ukraine (EURO 2012 group match) post-match discussion


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