Wigan vs Arsenal: Match Notes

It is time to temporarily break out of this temporary hiatus. Normally I would’ve liked to put up a scouting report for Wigan before the match but wasn’t able to. For anyone who knows me well enough, I am a huge fan of Roberto Martinez and his philosophies and approach. Theoretically, the system they play is tactically sound but clearly they seem to lack the edge as we saw yesterday and we perhaps got away with it. Even so it was always going to be a tough match because Wigan are a hard working side and we’ve seen Arsenal get undone by such teams far too often.

It was possibly just the momentum from Monday that caused us to play so well. Seeing our wingers track back like they did was astonishing. Seeing defensive players brought on to protect the lead late in, even more so. All around this was the kind of performance Arsenal fans should really love.

We’ve tended to do well in the winter spell so hopefully this is the start of something. Even so, being up to third is great as things stand fourth considering that just weeks ago people were having mental breakdowns over where this team was going.

Anyway, here’s how Wigan’s 3-4-3 ran the show:

We knew this match was going to come down to their tactics. We expected it to be an open match and it showed as Wigan’s Beausejour and Stam were getting far too much space on the wings and it came primarily from the three men at the front. With the extra man to mark there was always a space left on the wing as the fullback was pulled in centrally. Fortunately for us, their crossing was dismal and it could’ve so easily been a different result. They bombarded us at the end and to Arsene’s credit he actually attempted to protect the lead for once which was good to see.

Their aggressive pressing game high up the pitch meant that we weren’t able to keep the ball for long so it’s not surprising that they did get the majority of the chances. It could’ve definitely ended in defeat for us but Wigan were very wasteful in front of goal. It seemed that that pressing eased up on the left as they allowed Gibbs to attack and create space for Stam. Again though, they showed the lack of edge as they were constantly picking out the wrong pass, not using the space that Stam had. The space afforded to Gibbs to attack proved to be a safe decision and here is for why.

A few things of note on the individual side:

Despite winning the penalty, this match showed that Theo Walcott isn’t and shouldn’t be the front man. He didn’t show the positional sense against Reading but the result may have masked that fact. Yesterday though, Walcott was probably detrimental to the overall performance in that all the crosses coming into him had to be along the ground and with three men in the box, Wigan were far more than capable of snuffing out attacks than if there was a big man to compete for headers. The one chance that Walcott did have he left hoping to find Wilshere making a run behind him where other strikers would’ve been salivating at the opportunity to hit the target.

Podolski, for the first time this season it seemed, actually contributed to the match outside of his goals. He was constantly tracking back which he hasn’t done as often before. After a while he seemed to adapt to Gibbs’ runs upfield and dropped in to cover the gap. Stam had been given a lot of space earlier in the match and Podolski’s adjustment in moving deeper helped snuff out that threat and for the rest of the match we saw most attacks come down their left through Beausejour.

Ox on the other side did just as well. I’ve always admired his willingness to just dribble the ball. We’ve seen our players over-elaborating at times so his runs forward on the break created a lot of great chances. Making those runs meant that Sagna wasn’t needed on the overlap often and he was able to stay deep and deal with the three up front for Wigan.


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One response to “Wigan vs Arsenal: Match Notes”

  1. zakariyau Jelyll says :

    When dey used 3 4 3 formation dat our 4 5 1 formation does’nt match their formation only we are very lucky we won d match
    I coud remember Juventus used 3 4 3 to dislodged Chelse wit their 4 5 1.
    To my own view l would’ve prefere our 3 4 3 formation. I think we used it against Olypiaco n Reading it make us play a free flow football n widen d field

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