Aston Villa vs Arsenal: Match Notes

The clumsiness of this match should definitely be attributed to the conditions during the match with poor touches, players falling over and the lot so a poor match was to be expected. We can’t be happy with a point but at the same time we can, The performance was dire but considering that we deserved absolutely nothing from the game, the point and the clean sheet may be some sort of consolation for a very poor game.

Here’s a few things from the game:

  • Villa’s closing down was the main talking point from this match. It’s a major reason as to why they were able to cause Spurs and United problems early in those matches until they tired and conceded as the opposition got more time and space. The energy we saw in the first half  went on a lot longer than we could’ve expected as it seemed to carry long into the second half. Maybe it had to do something with the pitch as poor first touches thanks to the slick surface allowed Villa to have more time to close the ball down. The game did start to open up as heavy legs set in and Arsenal were able to get more of the ball. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take advantage of it as the team lacked the urgency that we’ve seen on occasion against the likes of Norwich and United.
  • I’ve been quick to praise Gibbs this season. I believe he’s made immense strides in his defensive game, showing intelligence in both his positioning and his judgement in when to get forward. His return was an instant assurance that we’d be plugging our biggest defensive weakness. Given that Villa’s main attacks seemed to emanate from the opposite flank, it’s a good sign going forward that we can see some sort of defensive solidity on the left.
  • Cazorla and Arteta were snuffed out far too easily today. It’s clear that there’s a lack of creativity in midfield. Arteta sits far too deep to make much of an impact in directly creating scoring chances as he did last season. While Cazorla has been lacking in consistency recently. It might be a good idea to move Cazorla out wide where he would have more space to run at defenders. After Gibbs’ injury, Podolski has been far too isolated up front so with him back you would’ve expected him to be a little more involved today but he dropped infield and isolated himself once again so it couldn’t hurt testing Cazorla on the wing.
  • The fact that Giroud was taken off for a defensive midfielder after suffering a knock shows that we lack depth up front. We’d end up with a similar situation to Chamakh where he’s just not able to get enough of a run in the side to build up some form but we still need to find another quality striker who would be willing to be as a squad player for situations such as that.

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Childhood Arsenal fan. Student of the game.

3 responses to “Aston Villa vs Arsenal: Match Notes”

  1. Wombledin says :

    Last season we beat Villa away. We’ve now dropped 7 points against the exact same fixtures as last season after 12 rounds (and replacing the relegated teams with newly promoted). Failure to beat Everton on Wednesday and that will be 9 or 10 points down compared to last season’s same fixtures (we beat Everton away, remember). Its looking very bad indeed for a top four finish I’m afraid, very bad.

    • GD says :

      Didn’t you post this exact thing on another blog…

      • tom_manninguk says :

        It was a poor performance we dont look like winning unless the other team score first! It seems pointless asking for signings in january because wenver seems happy with what he has

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