Arsenal vs Schalke fallout

If there’s one thing I managed to learn from this match, it’s to sneak sustainable glimpses of a match even with people looking over your shoulder. The match itself? Well, I learned absolutely nothing from that.

After two poor matches to open up the Champions League campaign it was only natural that this match would follow suit, especially after the lax performance on the weekend. Even with the gaping holes Schalke left behind their defence due to their high back line, we just failed to capitalize on it. As he’s done often this season, Gervinho seemed to be the only player to take it upon himself to run at the defence but, as he’s done often this seasons, Gervinho wasn’t able to make anything out of it.

Believe it or not a these poor performances have probably come out of the absence of Kieran Gibbs. Our two fullbacks have matured the most this season and in the finally having avoided injury for a long stretch it looked like Gibbs could finally be our defensive answer on the left. He had finally learned to balance out his forward runs with some good defensive positioning. That was before West Ham at least. Andre Santos had to come in, without having played much last season and having played nothing this season, so in a sense you can understand why he’s looked madder than usual. He was at some fault – and that’s probably putting it nicely – for both of Schalke’s goals and caused some really scary moments in trying to dribble the ball out of the back and playing passes in front of goal.

Of course, that’s no excuse for how poorly the rest of the team played. With Koscielny’s return though it would be a little more comforting to see Vermaelen, who wasn’t convincing at LB last season but desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. Thankfully, Gibbs himself isn’t too far away from making a return either. The Champions league is nowhere near being a disaster though, having won our first two. We have two weeks to turn this around because going away to Gelsenkirchen is not going to be any easier. Still, even if Schalke do manage to win that, I’m confident of our chances of advancing given the remaining matches.

Let’s look on the bright side, one of Manchester City and Real Madrid might go out at the group stages. Let’s have a laugh at them instead!


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Childhood Arsenal fan. Student of the game.

6 responses to “Arsenal vs Schalke fallout”

  1. tom says :

    Laughing at failures of others is a sign of a small mind. I myself am more interested in failures of Arsensl, club I support. Long time ago I have realized Arsenal weren’t going to compete for major trophies home or in Europe. I have made my peace with this fact because I had one thing to fall back on, attractive football Arsenal always exhibited . That’s why recent developments are more alarming than you might think, because being outspent and outperformed by Chelseys and Barcas of the footballing world is painful but exceptable. Getting blanked and outplayed by clubs with financial resources representing fraction of those of Arsenal’s is simply unecceptable . Wenger has a degree in economy so he should know that this could be potentially disastrous for future stadium proceeds . Arsenal fans already pay the highest ticket prices around and they won’t take this mediocrity sitting down.

    • Anonymous says :

      The answer to the huge problems Arsenal is going through is to buy quality players.Simple as such.

    • Saurabh Ananth says :

      I think people are overestimating how much the club have. There’s still a big debt to pay off and the club haven’t helped themselves with the poor sponsorship deals with Nike & Emirates. The stadium sponsorship itself draws in only a fraction of what City get from Etihad for example. I can see why people expect quality but the high prices for tickets try to balance out money lost elsewhere. It doesn’t mean that we have the money to buy absolutely anyone we want.

  2. niko says :

    Arsenal beating Olympiakos in Athens will be almost impossible. Recent history says so.

  3. Qondani says :

    Thanx for your perfomance against shalcke 04

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