Premier League fixture list released

Earlier today the Premier League’s fixture list for the 2012/13 season was released. Of the title challenging teams, Manchester City has the biggest edge with United having the toughest mostly due to their fixtures following the Champions League group stage matches.

Arsenal’s fixture list meanwhile is a bumpy affair. A major contributing factor to last season’s slow start was the fact that Arsenal were set to play Newcastle, Liverpool and United in the opening month of the Premier League. And that was always going to be a tough ask for a team still learning how to cope without the presence of Cesc Fabregas. This time however, there is understandably a lot of optimism going into the season.

We now know everyone’s role within the team when this time last year everything was still a bit unclear. Arteta has quickly become one of the most important players within this team; Robin van Persie has just come off the best season of his career; Laurent Koscielny has improved tenfold in defence. And the early signs of Arsene Wenger’s transfer activity this summer and the level of player the club are seriously considering look good going into the 2012/13 season.

Sunderland at home to open up the season seems easy enough but that is followed trips to the Britannia, Anfield and the Etihad. So it goes without saying that this spell will settle how good the outcome of the next year could be.

January will be the toughest month of the season for the club. With the fixtures piling up around Christmas, Arsenal will be set to host Manchester City and Liveprool while going across London to face Chelsea. All this amongst FA and League Cup action. Fortunately, depending on the draws in those competitions, this may not have to be the toughest run of the season.

As for run ins at the end of the season, Arsenal have had a slightly similar one to last season. With most of the tough matches being played around Janruary, a clash against United at the Emirates and a trip to Newcastle on the last day of the season are the toughest fixtures in the final three months.

This looks to be the easiest end to a season out of the top four. Capitalizing on it is easier said than done however. Last season’s run in was just as easy and it took a horrible performance on the final day from Marton Fulop to secure Champions League football.


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6 responses to “Premier League fixture list released”

  1. Mr Robot says :

    I REALLY DON’T want to make Almunia cry, that would be so sad, I REALLY would like to give positive a try so that can’t be bad….

  2. Ohaletegreg says :

    Next season is for, if all things been equall. Up Gunners.

  3. Ohaletegreg says :

    I mean is for us, the way things are going, remember he has done it before and will do it again. Up Gunners.

  4. Anonymous says :

    This is a season that we arsenal fans waiting to see.

  5. Anonymous says :

    rubbis team

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