Arsenal prove they’re not a one-man team

It’s not been often that Arsenal have won in the league without a contribution from captain Robin van Persie – that being a goal or assist – in fact, just twice before Saturday had it happened (against Swansea and Sunderland, home and away respectively). It was different against Aston Villa though – the Gunners comfortably brushed them aside without needing so much as a nutmeg from van Persie.

In truth, when Arsenal were relying on van Persie to win matches, it was because the system wasn’t quite working. While they were doing well to supply him, the goals should have been being shared around more. It was only natural for Wenger’s men to look to van Persie seeing as it was a tried and tested method, but now the North London side are more confident in their own abilities.

Arsene Wenger had always put the lack of creativity early on at Arsenal down to a lack of confidence, and should be given credit for his faith that his players would eventually come good. Saturday was another victory for his apologists to enjoy, with much-maligned Theo Walcott grabbing an excellent goal. The football is once again free-flowing, and goals are coming from several different areas. The players feel less inclined to search for van Persie, and instead are more confident about doing things by themselves.

The first goal was borne out of a passing triangle you’d usually see on the training ground. Tomas Rosicky, Kieran Gibbs and Gervinho exchanged passes, untroubled by any Aston Villa players. The latter found Gibbs’ run into the box, and the English left back found the net via Shay Given’s glove. It showed how much Arsenal have missed the overlapping of the full backs, having had to cope with centre backs out wide in defence for months.

For Arsenal’s second, the pressing from Tomas Rosicky paid off once again. He put Carlos Cuellar under pressure, which forced a poor ball to Gervinho, who knocked it inside to Alex Song. From then on it was classy stuff from Arsenal – a lovely curled, lobbed ball from Alex Song, which is fast becoming his trademark, to find the intelligent run inside of Theo Walcott, who cushioned the ball delightfully to finish expertly past Shay Given.

In games previous Walcott might have miscontrolled the ball, or scuffed the finish, so it showed how much his new confidence is affecting his game. Young footballers are often confidence players, and make no mistake, Walcott is still in that bracket at 23, but he’s recently shown the potential that made him so coveted as a teenager at Southampton – the clever run (the football brain is clearly there), the delicate touch and the clinical finish.

There is little to analyse about the third goal – although Arsene Wenger did a pretty good job by discussing the size of Mikel Arteta’s feet in the post-match press conference – so it’s probably best to throw some adjectives at it and be done with it; it was a simply superb strike, delightfully driven past Shay Given (sibilance, alliteration and a rhyme within eight words, my English teacher would be so proud of me) with absolutely zero ball rotation.

It was the second time Arsenal had restricted their opposition to no shots on target (hat-tip to @Orbinho) and while Aston Villa offered very little, it showed how the Gunners suffocated the away side by dominating possession. Pressing has come back into Arsenal’s game lately – it’s a mystery as to why it ever disappeared – and it’s helped them to monopolise possession and therefore limit the number of chances that come to the opponents. It also helps in attack of course, as Arsenal consistently won the ball close to Shay Given’s goal.

Analysis aside, it’s been seven league wins on the trot for Arsenal, a superb run of victories which makes them the Premier League’s form side. That’s the main thing – as well as the fact that I can now empty the recycling bin wearing my away shirt with Walcott on the back without my neighbours pointing and laughing.


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5 responses to “Arsenal prove they’re not a one-man team”

  1. tissiam says :

    shame on u for throwing theo,s shirt in the recycling bin!!:)

  2. tateezee says :

    Good article.

    And as AW mentioned, the availability of natural fullbacks have helped our cause as we have more width which can help free our wingers to get on the end of things

  3. oluoma1 says :

    Nice one!!! Am wearing my Chamakh home shirt to Work tomorrow. LOL!!!

  4. Cels says :

    It angers me when i hear fans, the media calling arsenal names like ‘one man van’, ‘dependent team -arsenal’ etc. I feel like breaking the medium through which i heard, read or saw it. Its a stupid assumption to say the least. That song has been sang too long, even my coach(Wenger) seems to agree with it but the truth is Van Persie (a great player he is, dont get me wrong) is more dependent on the team than the team is on him. He has the clinical finish that makes him the best in the EPL, yes! But try imagining him in a team like chelsea(no disrespect) and visualise how many goals he might have scored. Im not saying he is not good(i wil hit myself in the mouth if i ever say that). He is good probably the best after the likes of beckamp, henry and kanu but without the teaming fight, vision and strength from the other players who work as well as defend the goals he score he would just be another ‘player of class’ that doesnt fit into the team i.e. Torres. I felt the disappointment in his face after 90mins and he wasnt able to score even i knew many arsenal fans wanted him to score but it didnt come his way. In conclusion, Arsenal is not a one man van however, RVP scores when he wants to.

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