A quick message

This is a pretty important game. We’ve lost some good players, including our captain. However, we have a new captain, and we have some new players. So, how about, instead of letting their first experience of the Emirates being animosity and negativity, we show them an atmosphere to be proud of?

No booing, no negative songs – and that includes towards Samir Nasri. As long as he’s still playing for Arsenal, it’s detrimental to the team to abuse him so let’s get behind the entire team. We’ve had a difficult summer, so we really need this. Liverpool will be up for it. Let’s be more up for it.

I don’t need to remind you how loud the Emirates is when everyone is working together, so let’s use all our energy positively and get behind every Arsenal player out there. And make sure you read Friday’s post.


7 responses to “A quick message”

  1. gabe says :

    COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!

  2. Kayz says :

    Go gunnerz

  3. samuel ademuwagun says :

    wining liverpool this alfternoon we be good for arsenal fans

  4. Berg says :

    We trust u wenger…keep on

  5. Zgunner says :

    Best Note I’ve read today. Come on your Arsenal Fans!

  6. Keywoofini says :

    well da’s a bad result…………………………………………………………nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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