My Perfect Player #19

As the series stumbles towards it’s inevitable close, Scott Johnston of The Footy Blog is one of the final guests to share a piece about the components of his perfect player. Enjoy.

Brain & Eyes – Zinedine Zidane

The man was a genius on the park. He managed to find space and take as much time on the ball as he needed. His vision to find a pass or dodge an opponent’s challenge was immense. All his touches and passes seemed thought out to the final detail, it all seemed to come that easily to Zizou. He is now showing off his brains by becoming the new director of football at Real Madrid.

Head – Duncan Ferguson

Well the Everton cult hero was one of the best headerers of the ball in the EPL era. A targetman who was always a danger in the opposition box especially at corners when Andy Hinchcliffe would pick him out. He had the strength to push burly centre backs at his road and get to the ball first before smashing a header into the back of the net. He was also a hardman and his head got him into trouble, after headbutting a Raith Rovers player Big Dunc found himself doing time in jail.

Mouth – Ally McCoist

Now my all time footballing hero was Ally McCoist. Yes I am Scottish and a Rangers fan. Not a lot of Old Firm players are respected by both sets of fans but Ally was. The man could charm the birds out the trees with his patter. Many a centre half would moan that McCoist would chat to them all game distracting them with stories of conquests or jokes and as soon as they turned away he was off scoring another goal! He is also a huge wind up merchant, just ask Neil Lennon. His team talks this year will be serious, passionate and probably very funny too.

Heart – Rino Gattuso

Not blessed with great skills, not an amazing tackler and in front of goal he isn’t the best but Gennaro ‘Rino’ Gattuso has won the lot. He covers every blade of grass, harrying opposing players into making mistakes. He is extremely passionate and yes this sometimes makes him attack aging former players on the touchline but I still love wee Rino. He is loyal and he would die for his club or country. Plus who can forget the grizzly Italian continually and bizarrely attacking ancient boss Marcelo Lippi during the Italian national teams successful World Cup campaign in 2006.

Lungs – Michel Salgado

I had the pleasure to see Real Madrid live at the height of the Galacticos period. During a 2-0 win over Espanyol the player that stood out more than anyone else was Salgado. The Spaniard never gave up and ran up and down the right flank for the full ninety minutes. He gave David Beckham and Zidane an outlet all game. Honestly I have never ever seen someone run as much in a match in my whole life.

Thighs – Ronaldo

Had to jam in the Brazilian somewhere. He was amazing between 1996 – 1998, don’t get me wrong he was very very good after that too but before his serious injuries he was a phenomenon. The speed and power he could generate from his thighs were truly outstanding and could get him away from any player during this time. He was simply untouchable and had to thank his tree trunk thighs for a good part of that.

Left foot – Jorg Albertz

Another former Gers man but Jorg was known as the ‘Hammer’ for a very good reason! Put it this way, Thomas Hitzlsperger has a tame shot compared to Jorg just youtube him if you don’t believe me. During his years at Ibrox Albertz became the top goalscoring midfielder in Europe. He was a free kick expert and his thunderbolts were hard, true and accurate. Seriously check out some his goals on youtube. He did manage to injure our No.1 keeper Stefan Klos with a shot at training…. Wasn’t so pleased with The Hammer that day!

Right foot – David Beckham

Now I know he is not the most talented winger in the world but his right foot is world class. Whether it was curling in freekicks or setting up strikers with a 40-yard diagonal ball or whip in crosses that were pinpoint accurate there wasn’t many things Beckham could not do with his right foot. Zidane said Becks was the best passer of the ball he had played with and that is good enough for me. Just remember his freekick against Greece or his two corners deep into injury time against Bayern in Barcelona in the Champions League Final 1999.


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