My Perfect Player #14

Another Arsenal-specific Perfect Player, brought to you this time by Will Jones of I Am Gooner. Make sure you check out his blog. Enjoy!

Brain – Dennis Bergkamp

There are multiple words to describe Dennis; magical, amazing, a genius. He was a man who played football in slow motion, dictating the play like a conductor, using both feet to control the ball before picking out unimaginable passes. His technique was second to none, and his quality and fluency led to many titles coupled with the utmost respect of his footballing peers. Bergkamp was always in charge, and always calm and composed in the middle of the field. Nothing phased him whilst on the pitch, and that is why he is my Brain.

Mouth & Head – Tony Adams

Tony Adams was the archetypal leader. A lion on and off the field, he could have asked players to die for him on the pitch. Him and the rest of his defence were great players, made better by the connection they shared and knowledge of the game which allowed them to play on well into their thirties. Tony was the man in the middle who screamed at the midfield, yelled at the rest of the defence and bawled at the strikers, and he was doing it form the age of 21. He put his body on the line for club and country on countless occasions, and his head was seemingly made of stone. One time, after having stitches earlier in the week after an nightclub incident, he popped up and headed one in – right off the stitches. If only we had a Tony Adams in our defence now…

Eyes – Cesc Fabregas

Whilst watching Arsenal all my life only Fabregas and Bergkamp has possessed the ability to shock me with their vision. Since breaking into the team as a teenager we’ve known he was special, and any player that has set up the winning goal in a world cup final, or managed over 50 caps for arguably the best international team ever is special. But Fabregas manged those two feat before the age of 24. If you thought that was amazing though, Cesc’s stats show it all; 466 goal scoring chances created over the last 5 years, and 60 assists since the 2006/07 season. What he brings to our midfield is world class quality, precision and technique, which will be sorely missed when he finally departs to Barcelona.

Lungs – Ashley Cole

I hate his guts. But Ashley Cole is a special player, and probably the best left back in the world. His forays up and down the left wing rely on unbelievable stamina and reading of the game which allows him to time his runs to perfection. Rarely, if ever, is he caught out of position and whilst being much maligned by us fans, and some sections of the media, his trophy success shows how talented he is. 3 Premier League titles and 6 F.A Cups is mind blowing and, as a 30 year old, he could add to that too. Hopefully not though.

Left Leg – Liam Brady

I barely saw Brady play football but I wish I had. The things I’ve heard, and seen of him blow my mind, and his talent is set in stone due to the influence he had over fans in his 235 games for Arsenal. What he lacked in power, he made up for with his magical left foot, and he was certainly the best leftie to ever play for us. He could cut teams apart at his peril and will forever be remembered as an Arsenal legend.

Right Leg – Thierry Henry

The best player in the history of Arsenal football club. Theirry at his prime was unstoppable and had pace & power in abundance combined with amazing technique and precision finishing which helped him to his 226 goals for Arsenal, with a goal every 1.46 matches in the Premiership. Some of his goals were outstanding and will forever be remembered by Arsenal fans like the spin and volley against United, and running the pitch against Spurs at the Lane. He could score any goal you could imagine, and his passing is underrated as he set up nearly as many as he scored. I may be repeating this for everyone, but if we had a player like Thierry now, we could be winning things at a canter as he was the perfect striker.

I recently wrote a guest piece for Twisted Blood about Javier Hernandez – do check it out here. Thanks.


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