My Perfect Player #12

My good friend Dmitry is next in line to write about his Perfect Player. He’s pretty much written everything I was planning on writing in my introduction is his post, so, over to you, Dmitry!

First and most important, this is my first ever article for blog in English. English isn’t my native language, I studied it for many years, but I still make some grammar mistakes, so please don’t criticise me very strong for this. Thanks.

Then, some words about author, i.e. myself. My name’s Dmitry, I’m 20 and from Russia. Most important, I’m Arsenal fan since 2000. Bergkamp, Seaman, Henry, Pires, Parlour, Adams, Vieira, Keown, Ljungberg, Toure are my heroes.

Why I’m decide to write a article? Because Sam (15yearsoldgooner) suggested very interesting topic in his blog and I decide to share my opinion. How it will be in the end? We’ll see.

I decided to slightly change the subject and I’ll write about “Perfect Arsenal Player”.

Brain – Dennis Bergkamp

Easy choose, no doubt. What a player! Pure genius, he was a very intellegent player, he could make everything on ground. Make a clever pass? Easy. Remember his pass on Vieira when Patrick scored against Chelsea in 2004. To score a nice goal? Easy. I won’t name his goals here, because it will take some hours! Also he wasn’t lazy player and always fight on field. He was last player who ended his career at Arsenal T-shirt! Bergkamp is like good chess-player, he was always on some steps ahead other players! From current generation only Cesc Fabregas have something similar with God!

Heart – Tony Adams

If you ask to name players which associate with club and who are faces of the club, most of fans will name Tony Adams. And it’s true. He’s really role model for young players. He signed for Arsenal as a schoolboy in 1980 and made his debut at 1st team in 1983. Then he played for 19 years as Arsenal centerback. He won League Titles in three decade as club captain. Impressive! Despite problems outsite the ground he’s real example of Arsenal heart and soul! Hope Jack Wilshere will have same heart and soul as our greatest captain.

Lungs – Ray Parlour

There are many good candidates for this part, but I decide to choose Ray Parlour. He’s one of my favourite players. Yes, he haven’t great Brazilian techique, skills, special talents, but he always fight on the field, he never give up, he overcomed some dificulties through his career. His goals always inspire me and other Arsenal fans. Who we can compare with Parlour in this squad? In my opinion, it’s Bacary Sagna, he always play with “fire eyes”.

Head – Sol Campbell

Sol is definitely one of the best Arsenal CB ever, powerful and strong defender who was excellent in air, when he was on field I always was calm for this position. After his departure, unfortunately, we haven’t player like him.

Calm – Lauren/Kanu

Still very important and in my opinion underrated quality for footballer, which can help him in difficult situation. There are two candidates for me here. Both our great Africans: Lauren and Kanu. Look at some Kanu’s goals for the Arsenal, how he make some pauses and could beat some players in the box! Steel nerves! One of brightest proves for Lauren is his penalty against Spurs in 2002, when Henry give him a chance to take penalty. Lauren was calm, take it and score very important penalty on 86th minute!

Right foot – Thierry Henry

There are many candidates here too. But I will choose Arsenal’s best striker and leading goalscorer ever. He could make everything by his right foot, powerful shoot, techical shoot, give a great pass.

Control – Robert Pires

It’s definitely my number 1 choice here. What control he has! When you will see football and don’t know the squads (funny yes) you’ll always recognize Bobby on the field. He have his own style of control, accurate touch, special movement on the field reminding cat, some skills and French techique. All it make him great player.

Left foot – Robin Van Persie

When I thought about each component before writing my choose here was Liam Brady, but I didn’t saw in real life and saw only videos with him, its not too much. So I decide to choose someone from my generation. It was hard, but I’d take Robin Van Persie. This left foot gift to me many good memories: from powerful shots to acrobatic volleys, from penalties to free kicks, dribbling, unbelievable skills, passes etc etc. One of the best players of this generation. Hope one day I will see his testimonial

Courage – Martin Keown

Courage is important quality and some players of squad don’t have it. Sad, but true. Keown never feared opponents, always fighted in tackle, never give up, was almost unbeatble in game one against one, have a huge desire for playing for the cannon on T-Shirt. Who reminds me Keown in this squad? Possibly Vermaelen has all these qualities.

PS: need your comments guys. any critics will be interesting for me.


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