My Perfect Player #11

The eleventh ‘My Perfect Player’ is brought to you by an Arsenal fan. “Another?!” I hear you moaning. Yes, another. If you hadn’t noticed, this is an Arsenal blog. What did you expect? Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted… Will Savage – no relation to Robbie (I hope) – is the latest guest poster to profile his perfect player. Be sure to check out his blog, Savage Gooner. It’s really quite good.

Head – Tim Cahill

I tried to go for someone other than Alan Shearer or John Terry for this one. Nemanja Vidic was another name that entered the mix, but for me there was only one winner, someone who is is almost guaranteed to score if he’s unmarked in the box. At only 5’10” this guy clearly isn’t exactly the tallest, especially in a league as physical as the Premiership, but his leap and his ability to time his runs are second to none. I am of course talking about none other than Everton’s Tim Cahill. For someone that short to score as many goals as he has with his head is nothing short of remarkable and begs the question, how prolific would he be if he were a few inches taller?

Brain – Johan Cruyff

Easy. My favourite ever player. Music had Mozart, poetry had Rimbaud and football had Johan Cruyff. He had it all, acceleration, dribbling, speed, but what was best about him was his understanding of the game. The old adage of ‘he plays the first yard in his head’ couldn’t possibly ring truer, except in Cruyff’s case it was more like playing the whole pitch in his head. He knew where everyone was, what passes were open. He was able to make unbelievable angles while playing the most exciting football possible, total football. Quite frankly, a god.

Eyes – Andrea Pirlo

I was tempted to go with someone a little bit more attack-minded for this one. Kaka was certainly close, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the Brazilian but Pirlo won out in the end. Well known for his vision, he has such a magnificent range of passing, whether it’s 5 yards or 50 the chances are he’ll make it. There’s a reason the Italians call him “l’architetto”, he was named in the All Star Team from the 2006 FIFA World Cup, in which he was also was voted the third best player of the tournament and won three man of the matches for Italy. The “metronomo” or metronome as he is referred to at AC Milan has been known to regularly average 90 passes per game. That’s one a minute. Enough said.

Lungs – Cafu

This was a hard one. Really hard. I’ve gone with another Milan player. For me, it’s Cafu. The Brazilian right-back was known for his tireless overlapping runs to the byline. Fair enough, it’s what you would expect from an attack-minded twenty year old, but a thirty five year old? No matter how old he got, he just didn’t stop. Not much more to say about this one, just kept on going.

Left foot – Rivaldo

I was tempted to put Robin Van Persie for this one, but I’ve chosen someone a bit older instead. Growing up in the favelas of Recife, the malnourishment of his poor upbringing showed as bowleggedness and a weaker frame than other players of his age. Despite these set-backs, this player went on to play for Barcelona and Milan and scored a few times for Brazil as well. He scored 34 goals in 74 games on the international stage. His club statistics? He scored so many that nobody is quite sure, but the estimate is 325 in 688. The man whos left foot would be on my perfect player is none other than Rivaldo.

Right foot – Thierry Henry

We near the end of the article and I’ve been yet to have a contribution from an Arsenal player. Theirry Henry. Done. Can you really argue with that? I can remember all through my childhood hearing ‘Theirry Henrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!’. I don’t know how many times he came to our rescue, or marvelled us with something magnificent. That back-heel against Charlton, that lob-volley against Barthez, or even the silencing of the Santiago Bernabeu. When the great man put his mind to it, he could do just about anything.

So there we have it, my perfect player would have the head of Tim Cahill, the brain of Johan Cruyff, the eyes of Andrea Pirlo, the lungs of Cafu, the left foot of Rivaldo and the right foot of Theirry Henry. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.



4 responses to “My Perfect Player #11”

  1. princepromise says :

    Thierry henry is. D best and hotest striker av seen in my whole life a striker who sccored 175 goals 4 just one club, he is perfect

  2. Nick Davies says :

    I probably agree with most of these actually.

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