More on Ricky Alvarez

A little more ‘news’ has emerged on the potential signing of Ricky Alvarez.

Argentine journalist Manuel Olivari tweeted this yesterday: “Ricky Alvarez no firmó ningún precontrato con el Arsenal, es información falaz”. Loosely translated, this means: “Ricky Alvarez did not sign pre-contract with Arsenal, is false information”.

Where this leaves the deal, I’m not sure. Whether Olivari means that the entire deal is made up, or that the deal just isn’t as far ahead as people think, I don’t know. However, any news that I get I’ll get it up here as soon as I can.

In the mean-time, however, if you want to watch Alvarez play, check out this YouTube video.



5 responses to “More on Ricky Alvarez”

  1. Anonymous says :

    The Argentina press are talking about Salvador Arsenal an Argentinian football side not London based Gunners, abit more research in the future may help before false articles

  2. 15yearoldgooner says :

    @Anonymous An Argentinian football expert tweeted "Velez's Ricky Alvarez has signed for England's Arsenal, according to Fox Sports" which is where I got the rumour from. I couldn't find any evidence against it being the English Arsenal, so I went ahead with the article.

  3. Anonymous says :

    @Anonymous The Argentinian Arsenal is 17th in the league. Alvarez's team is 1st. Why would he move to a team in 17th place if he's so highly rated? Why did the Argentinian twitters say it was a 'coup for The Gunners?'

  4. Anonymous says :

    Guyz please check the wikipedia of ricky alvarez its shoing on 21st may 2011 he agreed 4 yr deal wth arsenal..!!

  5. 15yearoldgooner says :

    @Anonymous With all due respect mate, Wikipedia isn't exactly a good source! Anyone can edit it, so I doubt it's official.

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